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My first proper career as a lead singer began at the age of 15.

After a short debut of about 1 ½ years in the punk rock band SHOT POT, I have spent the following years as a free singer to make some music with local bands and artists from Baden.

Around the age of 19, I became the lead singer of the newly established punk band BLACK RAIN. Unfortunately the band fall apart after 2 years.

Some of the band members remained and considered a change of music style.

The next following 12 years, I went through an exciting and successful time as lead singer of the powermetal band INISHMORE, winning the following battles: Battle of Metal Z7, Contest Black 7, Metaldays in the Z7, support for Bonfire and Volbeat, etc.

Meanwhile I took singing lessons for 3 years with the baritone Bruno Vittorio of Nuenlist.

By end of 2009, I started my carrier at Influence X as a vocal coach.

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