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Rodger Iqbal was born on May 16, 1974, in Richterswil, close to Zurich (Switzerland).

He’s been playing guitar since the age of 14.

Mostly inspired by: Pink Floyd, Rush, Malmsteen. However with the upcoming of metal in the 80’s and 90’s he also got inspired by bands like Van Halen, Metallica and Dream Theater. Looking for new challenges, he started dealing with Steve Vai, Mike Stern, Joe Satriani and John Petrucci which truly amplified his musical repertoire.



1993 - 1997 Academy of contemporary music (ACM) in Zurich (jazz/pop compositions/harmonics) After various projects he joined influence X in 2000. At that point the band did not have a known name yet, which made it perfect for Rodger to join.

After a couple of jam sessions he realized that influence X was about the perfect band to remain his individual, progressive fusion-composition style.

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