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Vito Staedler was born in Richterswil, close to Zurich (Switzerland). He is a keyboarder with passion.

His first pop/rock band experiences, he had made at the age of 14. Mainly played keyboard but also tried some bass and drums. His main focus however was certainly the composition of his own songs and not of covers.

This original band kept changing band members and changed the name of the band several times but never really fell apart. Today he is the keyboarder of Influence X and such as he chooses styles like strings, pads, piano, choir, distorted lead synth as well as numerous short FX samples such as sounds or voices.

Influences are movie soundtracks, progressive metal, progressive rock, classical music, jazz fusion, new age and coffee.

In addition to the band, he produces his own tracks and has ongoing projects like intros, jingles and film score'ish things. 


Key material: Synths..

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